Almost like dominos, but a little more exciting. Starting off processes and watching one thing lead up to the next. The planned can be implemented, the unplanned is possible. Analyze, control and sometimes – in a professional way – let things flow.


A high quality result can only be achieved following an equally high quality process, forming the outcome. That's why processes need a lot of creative attention. No matter whether concerning city development plans, the built environment or immaterial concepts. Like the application as European Capital of Culture. Or a new curriculum.

Baukulturregion Alpenvorland

seit 2020, Bayern

mehrjähriger Prozess der Strategieentwicklung einer Baukulturregion und Prozessbegleitung beteiligter Gemeinden




RURASMUS. Young people. Go rural!

since 2019

Initiator, Project Development






"Kärnten baut vor". Process to develop architectural guidelines for the province of Carinthia

since 2019

Member of the organization team together with  Elias Molitschnig (Land Kärnten), Hanna Posch Wolfgang Gerlich (plansinn), Raffaela Lackner (Architekturhaus Kärnten)

substantive and organizational conception and development, moderation






LandLuft. Association to promote building culture in rural areas

since 2019

Chairlady of the non-profit association






Chemnitz 2025. Application as European Capital of Culture 2025

since 2017

Workshops and thematic cooperation related to the evaluation strategy and urban significance of the application







since 2017

Concept, organization and conduct of the focus point of the semester "sustainable development of Spittal/Drau"






Architektur. FH Kärnten

seit 2016

Internet presence for the department of Architecture of the CUAS

Profile, Team building, Curriculum development



since 2014

Concept for a study course for all Austrian planning faculties to activate a discussion process concerning the development perspectives of a application as European Capital of Culture.

Development of a discussion platform and further means to adequately communicate the topic to professionals as well as the population.








Set Up and coordination of the university course with the aim to compile contributions for the city development plan Vienna 2025, public participation process at Karlsplatz.






nonconform Ideenwerkstatt

A municipality. A building project. A pop-up office. Three days. Many people. And even more ideas. In other words:  innovative projects of lasting value for municipalities, cities and schools developed by the office nonconfrom in situ.

A team of experts of different backgrounds - architects, spatial and urban planners, teachers as well as process consultants - supports the collaborative process in the search for ideas.


During my time with nonconform (2003 - 2004) I was part of the team developing the project "idea workshop" and have also conducted these workshops: culture factory Simonetta, Helfenberg

Concept, organization and conduct of a two day future workshop for sustainable development for a vacant textile factory in Helfenberg.



> Press

Media is an amplifier: we can use it to make ourselves be heard. In interviews or as an input-giver and expert on background stories.