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Project presentation and award ceremony und Preisverleihung

"ausGUCK 20"

Architecture competition for Austrian students

ONLINE broadcast, June 2020





Kärnten baut vor. Prozess zur Erstellung der baukulturellen Leitlinien für das Land Kärnten

event series: lectures and workshops, since 2019



9. Österreichisches Forum der Baukulturverantwortlichen

Wiener Neustadt, December 2019



Symposium Zukunftsland. Ermutigende Impulse für den ländlichen Raum

Linz, May 2019





LandLuft Universität Wien

Vienna, March 2019





Exhibition Opening “”

17 international architecture students of the CUAS developed proposals for the extension/reorganisation of the existing Porsche Museum in Gmünd

Gmünd/Carinthia, Austria, Porsche Museum





Project presentation and award ceremony

"nahtSTELLE 18 - a pier from wood and steel"

Architecture competition for Austrian students

CUAS – Campus Spittal/Drau, Steinhaus in Steindorf/Carinthia, Austria





Panel discussion

Planner's forum architecture: "Paths to the future"

Pre-event to the passive house convention 2017 with Austria in focus

Technical University of Vienna / Austria






„Na mesta. Auf die Plätze.“

Year of art in public space, Carinthia. Focus: Migration

MMKK Kärnten / Klagenfurt, Austria





Panel discussions within the touring exhibition of "kulturhauptstadt2024"

Potentials, opportunities, risks of an application for ECoC 2024 of alpine region cities.g

Innsbruck, Landhaus 2, Tyrol Austria


1000 points concerning ECoC / Vienna, Architekturzentrum Wien


Potentials and opportunities of an application for ECoC 2024 by a carinthina city (or region)/ Klagenfurt, Architektur Haus Kärnten


1000 points concerning ECoC Salzkammergut 2024 / Bad Ischl, Trinkhalle Bad Ischl


ECoC opportunity or risk!? Prospects of the ECoC format in Austria and Europe / St. Pölten, FH St. Pölten



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