European Capital of Culture

The topic of the European Capital of Culture has been central in my work for over 15 years...

As an architecture student I participated in the project "surface" during Graz 2003.





In my dissertation I worked on the missing link between what the title means for city development processes and the lack of recordings of changes in the urban space as an important aspect of the sustainability of the ECoC process.





In 2013, following the announcement that in the year 2024 an Austrian city was to gain the title, I initiated a course,  the first course ever to be open to all architecture-, landscape architecture and planning programs in Austria. More than 100 students and 25 lecturers collectively worked on the topic "ECoC 2024", contemplating which city and region to have most potential.


The course developed into the discussion platform An exhibition traveled through Austria, panel discussions were held in every state and several publications were published by the platform.





I was able to contribute to conferences, information- and conceptual workshops as well as to lecture to interested institutions and cities about "ECoC and its potential for city development processes", "The process of ECoC", "The evaluation of ECoC" in Austria, Slovakia, Spain and Germany.


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Since 2016 I am member of the pool of experts to be a potential Panel member for the Union action "European Capital of Culture".





Additionally, I try to visit as many  European Capitals of Culture but also other cities engaged in city development processes through event formats, as I can:


2018 ECoC Valletta

2017 ECoC Aarhus

2016 ECoC Breslau

2015 Expo Milano

2015 ECoC Pilsen

2013 IBA Heidelberg

2014 ECoC Riga

2013 Barcelona (Expo 1992)

2013 IBA Hamburg

2013 ECoC Košice

2013 Matera (ECoC 2019)

2012 ECoC Maribor

2009 ECoC Linz

2006 Ruhrgebiet (IBA Emscher Park)

2003 ECoC Graz

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Media is an amplifier: we can use it to make ourselves be heard. In interviews or as an input-giver and expert on background stories.