Education has similarities to building: a foundation of knowledge, facts and experiences is needed, on which opinions, beliefs and attitudes can solidly be rested. Knowledge also forms personality: taps into potentials that would have gone unnoticed. Education sharpens arguments, refines perception and helps understand other views. Most of all, education clears the view for the only possible direction of development: forwards.


2009-2012 Architectural studies at the Technical University of Vienna

2006-2008 Event Management studies at ARGE Bildungsmanagement Vienna

1998-2004 PhD, Technical University of Vienna


Further Education

in rhetoric, presentation techniques, conflict management and coaching



since 2016 Coordinator of the architecture program, FH Kärnten

since 2008 numerous guest lectures at European Universities

2008 – 2016 University Assistant, Department of Urban Design, Technical University Vienna






Coordination architecture program, FH Kärnten

. strategic planning and setting of focal points of the program

. Teambuilding, employee management

. Budgeting for and management of teaching activities

. Inhaltliche Konzeption der Lehre

. Conceptual preparation of teaching focuses

. communication and marketing




. Conceptual preparation and supervision of design courses

. Organization of symposia, excursions, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and lectures

. Lectures

. Soft Skill courses (presentation techniques, rhetoric, ...)

. Conceptual preparation of teaching focuses




. Main focuses: City development and culture, regional development processes, culture of   building

. Conferences

. Writing of book contributions

. research-oriented teaching

. research groups



Academic cooperations

. current focus: region of Alpe Adria (Udine, Ljubljana,...)

. 2009 -2016 contentual and organizational work in the management team of the cooperation of the Technical University of Vienna and L’vivska Polytechnika, Lviv (funded by the Austrian Ministery of Education, Science and Research)

. since 2008 numerous guest critics and lectures at European universities





Gender, Diversity

. 2009 - 2016 Member of the committee for equality at the Technical University Vienna

. Participation in the project "FIT stepping stone - Women in Technology" as FIT technician



Councils, Commissions

. Study commission Architecture, TU Vienna

. Habilitation Commission and Appointments Committee, TU Vienna

. Critic/Jury member

> Press

Media is an amplifier: we can use it to make ourselves be heard. In interviews or as an input-giver and expert on background stories.