From 2009-2016 I was part of the management team of the scientific cooperation between the Technical University of Vienna and Lviv Polytechnic National University. Research and design projects, workshops, excursions and publications - the scope of the cooperation is diverse. The funding agency is the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the project language is English.

Since 1995, the two schools of architecture of Lviv Polytechnic National University and Vienna University of Technology have been cooperating in applying different methods in teaching and research. The key aspects of the cooperation relate primarily to current questions in city development and urban design, dealing with historic urban structures, aspects of communication in architecture as well as the application of modern timber construction technologies.


The focus points in the content of the cooperation have been derived from the general framework conditions of the cooperation: from the joint interests of both schools of architecture, from the specific characteristics of the cities of Vienna and Lviv as well as from the skills and primary areas of work of the persons involved.

The importance of the cooperation moreover, is to set an innovative course for the Austrian-Ukrainian collaboration in the field of university cooperations beyond the above-mentioned key aspects. Finally, the cooperation is an expression of the wish for an increased linkage of academic teaching and research activities between the Ukrai¬ne and the European Union.



Lemberg I Lviv Architektur und Stadt. 100 Bedeutende Bauwerke, Architecture & City.

100 Landmark Buildings

Herausgeber und Autoren: Andreas Hofer, Elisabeth Leitner, Bohdan Tscherkes

LIT Verlag Berlin – Wien, 2012 I deutsch/englisch