knowledge transfer and

process design

Almost like dominos, but a little more exciting. Starting off processes and watching one thing lead up to the next. The planned can be implemented, the unplanned is possible. Analyze, control and sometimes – in a professional way – let things flow. Therefor you have tob e able to do one thing: Refine topics. Loosen things up a little, if necessary. Stringently guide through contents. Guide others to make the point they wanted to make. Give topics the necessary spin to make them exciting. Without drifting off.  Ask questions critically if necessary.  And let things flow, when they flow. Until an ending on a positive note is possible.


The same is true for the transfer of knowledge. Education has similarities to building: a foundation of knowledge, facts and experiences is needed, on which opinions, beliefs and attitudes can solidly be rested. Knowledge also forms personality: taps into potentials that would have gone unnoticed. Education sharpens arguments, refines perception and helps understand other views. Most of all, education clears the view for the only possible direction of development: forwards.


A high quality result can only be achieved following an equally high quality process, forming the outcome. That's why processes need a lot of creative attention. No matter if it is about didactic concepts or collaborative processes.


I accompany people in their processes and gladly pass on knowledge.

In doing so, it is important to me to convey information to the right target group. I am happy to support you in the conception or accompany in your process.

I lead workshops, give lectures, develop training formats and also moderate various formats. Courage and joy in doing so should never be missing.

> Press

Media is an amplifier: we can use it to make ourselves be heard. In interviews or as an input-giver and expert on background stories.